Sportsbet Melbourne CupPrior to the Melbourne Cup Field being fully announced Sportsbet only has an ‘All in’ market available initially, however as the final field for the Melbourne Cup is announced on the Monday before the race full markets become available, sometimes as early as Saturday night before The Cup, in turn a full detailed race card on the website.

Sportsbet is now the biggest online bookmaker in Australia and always has a solid offering to punters wanting to get a bet on for the Melbourne Cup.

🏆 Melbourne Cup Betting With Sportsbet

If you want to place some Melbourne Cup bets now you can find the Melbourne Cup page under the ‘Racing’ header at the top of the home page.

Hover your cursor over the header and a drop down menu will appear. Look for ‘Futures’ on the left, under ‘Horse Racing Australia – NZ’. The ‘Futures’ page has races separated into months so go down until you find November, the ‘Melbourne Cup’ link should be pretty obvious. If you click on the ‘Racing’ header you can also navigate through the same pages to get to the Melbourne Cup page.

Sportsbet Racing Menu

Closer to race day a Melbourne Cup link will appear on the left hand side of the home page under ‘ Quick Links ’. This is where all major betting events end up on Sportsbet, it is very convenient and easy to find.

The process is pretty similar on your phone. Select ‘Racing’ from the menu drop down and then ‘Futures’. The races come up in rough chronological order so currently the Melbourne Cup is about half way down the page.

Sportsbet Melbourne Cup Markets
Early on Sportsbet only has ‘All in’ for the ‘Win’ and ‘Each Way’ markets on the Melbourne Cup. One week before the race you’ll be able to find the normal range of markets like any other race. Initially by selecting the Melbourne Cup link you will be directed to a page with a list of all the available horses, similar to a ‘Pick the Premier’ page for sports, as the Melbourne Cup Final Field isn’t announced until Saturday before the cup, the final race card tends to go up on around that evening.

If you want to bet each way early before the field is announced, this is done on the bet slip once you have made your selection. You need to choose it from the drop down box next to where you enter your stake.

Once the full markets become available, if you select the race link you will go to the full race card. This page is simple and easy to use, great for Melbourne Cup betting.

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For single bets Sportsbet offers Win, Place and Each Way markets, and then Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and First Four for exotics. Next to the ‘Single Markets’ tab there is ‘ Extra Markets ’ here you can find ‘Without’ and ‘Insure’ markets.

Sportsbet Race Card

The ‘Without’ market allows you to place a bet with one horse (generally the favourite) not included in the result. This is useful if you like your horse but are worried about the favourite. The ‘Insure 2’ and ‘Insure 3’ markets returns your money if your horse finishes in the respective position or higher to the bet you choose, for example. If you select ‘Insure 2’ and your horse comes 2nd your bet will be refunded.

Sportsbet Melbourne Cup Promotions

Sportsbet’s ‘Specials’ are generally paid as bonus bets and not refunds or cash into your account so consider that before banking on getting your “money back”. They regularly run a ‘cash back for 2nd or 3rd’ deal over the Melbourne Cup so check for this a week out from race day before placing your bet. They have a separate page for NSW ‘Specials’ which saves you from digging around the terms and conditions to see if your eligible for each promotion.

As Sportsbet is the leading online bookmaker in Australia, they have a large customer base, therefore Sportsbet need to be more cautious with their Melbourne Cup offering. A favourite winning and a special offer “going off” on Melbourne Cup day would be an expensive outcome for

The Sportsbet promotions are only advertised on the ‘Specials’ page so go there first, or check them out directly via this link:

View ALL of the specials for the Melbourne Cup:

On race week will start running banners and offers on the race pages if there are any applicable promotions or Melbourne Cup offers or Bonus Bets, also keep an eye on our site, we’ll have all of the latest Sportsbet Melbourne Cup betting promotions and  Bonus Bets .

Sportsbet Melbourne Cup Promotions & Sign Up Bonuses
Sign up below to claim this Sportsbet Melbourne Cup promotion, or to see more bookmakers promotions click here.Melbourne Cup 2016 Sortsbet Offer
Sportsbet Bet Slip
Similar to Ladbrokes Oddsboost, Sportsbet has a ‘ powerplay ’ function. Every day you can increase the odds on one selection across all of their racing markets. Boosts range in size depending on the starting odds but can be up to 20%.

To do this you need to make a selection and go to your ‘Bet slip’. A little ‘Powerplay’ icon will be above where you enter your stake. Click it and your odds should increase by anything from 10% – 20%.

As you can only use this  once per day  it is much easier to wait until race day if you’re looking to place a bet using the Sportsbet ‘Powerplay’ feature.

Sportsbet Melbourne Cup Website Options

Sportsbet has the Melbourne Cup Cup markets only one click off the home page, however it isn’t that obvious to find or clearly advertised anywhere early on, if you’re looking for an early bet. It is much easier once the Melbourne Cup gets a spot within the “Quick Links” bar at the top of the home page. On Melbourne Cup day Sportsbet dedicates the home page to the entire Melbourne Cup race card, so simply visiting is enough to see the betting markets race by race as they happen.

When the full markets are up one week before race day their race card is very clear and easy to use. With a bit of an extra boost from their Powerplay option and possibly a ‘2nd or 3rd’ cash back Melbourne Cup promotion you should definitely have a look at Sportsbet for your Melbourne Cup betting. Melbourne Cup
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