Melbourne simply comes to a stop whenever the Melbourne Cup is held and while many across the world might assume that it the occasion is for just a day, it actually goes on for a number of days due to the carnival and the Melbourne Cup Program.

This carnival starts before the Melbourne Cup in October and ends on Stakes day, this spans across October and November, depending on where the first Tuesday of the month falls in November.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival are four days of horse racing heaven as the whole city spends carnival week in celebration mood as everyone tries to beat out the bookmakers.

Melbourne Cup 2017 Program

Flemington racecourse is where all of the action for the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival takes place with the first day of this action commencing on Derby Day. The AAMI Victoria Derby Day hosts 9 races with the standout being the Victorian Derby that kicks off at 11.45am.

Then fans have to wait just two more days until the start of the Melbourne Cup program. This is the biggest day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival and is when the world famous Melbourne Cup The race that stops a nation takes place with only the best thoroughbreds from around the world taking part.

After the Melbourne Cup there’s then another two-day break before the third day of racing action with the famous Crown Oaks Day. A favourite among women for reasons of high fashion and female horse racing, Crown Oaks Day always provides lasting memories and is known as “Ladies Day”.

The final day of action takes place with Emirates Stakes Day and it brings to an end the racing action for another year at the carnival.

Whether you take in just a single day or the whole Melbourne Cup Program, you’re going to have an absolute ball, awesome days of racing and a real carnival atmosphere.

2017 Victoria Derby Day – 29th October

The prelude to the Melbourne Cup Carnival could really not be any better than what is provided by Victoria Derby Day. There are nine races in total with four of them being Group 1, two being Group 2 and the remaining three being Group 3. Of course though, the main race of the day is the highly exciting Victoria Derby.

Gates open at 8.30am • First race at 11:45am • Last race at 5:20pm
 Time Purse Status Race Distance Type
1.)11.45am$200,000Group 3Carbine Club Stakes1,600m3yo SW+P
2.)12.20pm$300,000Group 2G.H.Mumm Wakeful Stakes2,000m3yoF SW+P
3.)1.00pm$200,000Group 3Skip Sprint1,100mHandicap
4.)1.40pm$300,000Group 3Lexus Stakes2,500m3yo SW
5.)2.25pm$1,000,000Group 1Coolmore Stud Stakes1,200m3yo SW
6.)3.05pm$500,000Group 1Myer Classic1,600mWFA
7.)3.50pm$1,500,000Group 1AAMI Victoria Derby2,500m3yo SW
8.)4.35pm$1,000,000Group 1Kennedy Mile1,600mF&M
9.)5.20pm$300,000Group 2TAB Multiplier Stakes1,200mHandicap


 Time Purse Status Race Distance Type
1.)11.45am$251,500Group 3Carbine Club Stakes1,600m3yo SW+P
2.)12.20pm$302,000Group 2Wakeful Stakes2,000m3yoF SW+P
3.)1.00pm$251,500Group 3Chatham Stakes1,400mHandicap
4.)1.40pm$502,500Group 1Coolmore Stud Stakes1,200m3yo SW
5.)2.25pm$251,500Group 3The Lexus Stakes2,500mQuality
6.)3.05pm$1,002,500Group 1Mackinnon Stakes2,000mWFA
7.)3.50pm$1,510,000Group 1AAMI Victoria Derby2,500m3yo SW
8.)4.35pm$502,500Group 1Myer Classic1,600mF&M WFA
9.)5.20pm$302,000Group 2Salinger Stakes1,200mHandicap

2016 Melbourne Cup Day – 1st November

There is no bigger race day on the Australian calendar and perhaps even in the world than the Melbourne Cup Day. With a total of ten high class events to see and some of the best horses the whole planet has to offer, the day has become more than about just racing and is also a hugely popular social event as well.

3pm is the time that the big ones starts but each of the other races on the Melbourne Cup 2016 program should not be missed.


 Time Purse Status Race Distance Type
1.)10.40am$151,500Group 3Ottawa Stakes1,000m2yoF Sw
2.)11.20am$101, Trophy1,700mMares Hcp
3.)10.00pm$101,500JB Cummings Plate2,800m0-96 Hcp
4.)12.40pm$101,500Lavazza Short Black1,400m4&5yo 0-90
5.)1.20pm$101,500Schweppes1,000m3yo SW+P
6.)2.00pm$151,500LRLexus Hybrid Plate1,400m3yoF SW+P
7.)3.00pm$6,200,000Group 12016 Melbourne Cup3,200mHandicap
8.)3.55pm$151,500LRJames Boag’s Stakes1,800mHandicap
9.)4.35pm$101,500Mss Security Sprint1,200mHandicap
10.)5.15pm$201,500Group 3Maybe Mahal Stakes1,400mMares SW+P

2016 Crown Oaks Day – 3rd of November

Next on the Melbourne Cup 2016 program is that of Crown Oaks Day which is about the women both in human form and in horse form too. The ladies get to wear fashionable clothes on ‘Ladies Day’ whereas the female horses get to showcase their athleticism.

 Time Purse Status Race Distance Type
1.)12.15pm$101,5007News Plate1,700m  F&M 0-70 Hcp
2.)12.55pm$101,500Swisse Wellness Trophy1,800m0-90 Hcp
3.)1.35pm$151,500Group 3Red Roses Stakes1,100m3yoF SW+P
4.)2.15pm$101,500Apia Celebrating Greys1,400mGreys 0-90
5.)2.55pm$201,500Group 3Begonia Belle Stakes1,100mMares SW+P
6.)3.35pm$151,500LRTCL 4K UHD TV Stakes1,800m3yo Hcp
7.)4.15pm$151,500LRDilmah Earl Grey Stakes1,000mSW+P
8.)5.00pm$1,005,000Group 1Crown Oaks2,500m3yoF SW
9.)5.45pm$101,500Oaks Resorts Plate1,600mHandicap

 2016 Emirates Stakes Day – 5th of November

While Crown Oaks Day is known as Ladies Day, Emirates Stakes Day is known as Family Day. The whole day is featured on spending time with the family and there are also a host of top class races to witness as well

TimePurse StatusRaceDistanceType
1.)12.20am$151,500Group 3 Maribyrnong Plate1,000m2yo SW
2.)1.00pm$101,500SecondBite Plate2,000m0-90 Hcp
3.)1.40pm$101,500Antler Luggage Handicap1,600m0-96 Hcp
4.)2.20pm$151,500LRHilton Hotels Stakes1,400m3yo Hcp
5.)3.00pm$302,000Group 2Matriarch Stakes2,000mMares SW+P
6.)3.40pm$1,002,500Group 1VRC Sprint Classic1,200mWFA
7.)4.20pm$1,005,000Group 1Emirates Stakes1,600mQuality
8.)5.05pm$251,500Group 3Queen Elizabeth Stakes2,600mQuality
9.)5.40pm$101,500Emirates Airline Handicap1,400m4yo&up Hcp