The 2016 Melbourne Cup is the race that very racing fan in the world has been waiting for. However, while most of us will only be able to see the action on the TV or via the internet, some will be lucky enough to be there in person. Melbourne Cup 2016 tickets usually sell out very quickly and are therefore difficult to get hold of, so if attending is your plan you should move quickly.

The 2016 Melbourne Cup might start on the 1st of November but the carnival itself runs from the 29th of October.  Melbourne Cup 2016 tickets are available for each particular day or for the whole duration as a package. However, due to these tickets normally only being sold on a pre-purchase basis, they are usually gone long before the event starts.

If you have yet to get your Melbourne Cup 2016 tickets – you really are running out of time! If you leave it too late you will have to make o with the television. Do you really want to miss the chance of seeing how the Aussies do against the very best in the world? If not, not is the time to get those tickets booked up.

A selection of tickets such as general Admission, Reserved Grandstand Seating and Precinct can be obtained from Ticketek online. If you like to do things the old fashioned way Ticketek can also be reached via phone on 13 28 49.

We will keep you updated of when the Melbourne Cup Carnival Ticket Booth is to be open at Federation Square. Additionally, we will let you know once Flinders Street, Southern Cross and North Melbourne Stations start selling general admission tickets.

Please remember that the Melbourne Cup Carnival is fully ticketed and that they should be bought prior to the day.

Current Melbourne Cup 2016 Odds at Sportsbook

Big Orange 15.00Mime 51.00Simrano 151.00
Bondi Beach 15.00Raw impulse 51.00Tom Melbourne 151.00
Hartnell 15.00Rising Romance 51.00Cool Chap 201.00
Wicklow Brave 15.00Rose of Virginia 51.00Miss Rose De Lago 201.00
Jameka 17.00Second Wave 51.00Ruling Dynasty 201.00
Signoff 17.00Set Square 51.00Second Bullet 201.00
Curren Mirotic 21.00Shamkiyr 51.00Singing 201.00
Exosphere 21.00Tally 51.00Stone Warrior 201.00
Idaho 21.00Tosen Stardom 51.00Tall Ship 201.00
Our Ivanhowe 21.00Unicorn 51.00Battlecamp 301.00
Tavago 21.00Zanteca 51.00Dandy Gent 301.00
Almoonqith 26.00Francis of Assisi 67.00Danjeu 301.00
Heartbreak City 26.00Hauraki 67.00Escado 301.00
Housesofparliament 26.00Kilimanjaro 67.00Foundry 301.00
Scottish 26.00Real love 67.00Manndawi 301.00
Secret Number 26.00Spiritjim 67.00Nozomi 301.00
Sky Hunter 26.00Storm the Stars 67.00Scherzoso 301.00
Tarzino 26.00The Bandit 67.00Swacadelic 301.00
The United States 26.00Important Message 81.00Bold Sniper 401.00
Who Shot Thebarman 26.00Observational 81.00Hans Holbein 401.00
Aloft 34.00Sir John Hawkwood 81.00Hi World 401.00
Barsanti 34.00Arab Dawn 101.00Lord Macau 401.00
Beautiful Romance 34.00Assign 101.00O’Lonera 401.00
Gallante 34.00De Little Engine 101.00Thunder Down Under 401.00
Prince Of Penzance 34.00Grey Lion 101.00Vengeur Masque 401.00
Red Cardinal 34.00Kinema 101.00Amexed 601.00
Sacred Master 34.00Pemberley 101.00Authoritarian 601.00
Sarrasin 34.00Pentathlon 101.00Azurite 601.00
Sword Fighter 34.00Qewy 101.00Dane Hussler 601.00
The Major General 34.00Replique 101.00Darlux 601.00
Da Big Hoss 41.00He’s Our Rokkii 126.00Dreaded 601.00
Elite Army 41.00Almandin 151.00Lord Disick 601.00
Erupt 41.00Antonio Giuseppe 151.00Plymouth Road 601.00
Excess Knowledge 41.00Dee I Cee 151.00Tunes 2001.00
Howard Be Thy Name 41.00Extra Choise 151.00White Dollar Sign 3001.00
Oceanographer 41.00Fanatic 151.00
Preferment 41.00Heavens Above 151.00
Grand Marshal 51.00Master Zephyr 151.00