Flemington racecourse is widely regarded as one of the best Racecourses in the world.

Flemington Racecourse has been the host of the Melbourne Cup for a very long time. The “Melbourne Cup” as we know it today was first run in November 1861 and attracted top inter-colonial horses, including the winner, Archer, from New South Wales.

The newly formed Victoria Racing Club (VRC) took over the race in time for its fourth running, in 1864, and has run it at Flemington Racecourse every spring since that time.

The location of this course is quite distinct, mainly because it’s found on low Alluvial flats. That makes it great for horse racing.

The Flemington Racecourse is around 1.27 square kilometres. A thing to note here is that the first race took place in 1840 on the Flemington Racecourse, and since then this has been the most important racing location in the region.

The shape of this Flemington racecourse is very similar to a pear, and it has a six-furlong. The track has around 2.3 km in total and it does a very good job at bringing in a huge crowd capacity.

In fact, it can be good for distances up to 1.2 km, and it also has a final straight of around 450 meters that makes it very enticing for those people that bet as much as they can with the focus on winning the bet, however, they can.

Around 120000 people can come on the Flemington Racecourse, and there are 3 grandstands in total. The course is so iconic that it was added to the Australian National Heritage List in 2006, during that Year’s Melbourne Cup.

Why is this Flemington racecourse so important?

The primary reason is that it’s the course where the Melbourne Cup takes place, and it’s also the best place for the national equestrian team to train from time to time as well. Plus, it has the perfect shape and size for a racecourse, which is exactly why the Melbourne Cup Flemington has been chosen as one of the most iconic race courses in the world.

But you have to note, how does this affect the person that bets on the Melbourne Cup?

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