Fascinating Melbourne Cup Betting Facts

Melbourne Cup Facts 2016

Fascinating Melbourne Cup Betting Facts before the biggest race day of the year

Why is the Melbourne Cup known as “The Race That Stops A Nation™“? It is commonly billed as The race that stops a nation, but it is more accurately The race that stops two nations, as many people in New Zealand, as well as Australia, pause to watch the race.

The Race That Stops The Nation is a poem about Australia’s fascination with the Melbourne Cup. Sydney born writer Vivienne McCredie wrote it in 1986.

Just about everyone has a theory on who will win the Melbourne Cup. But what do the cold, hard facts tell us about the big race? ABC’s John Barron has the facts.

The Favourite has won the Melbourne Cup 34 Times out of 155 Races* (154 at the time the video was published) that’s 22% of the time!

The Favourite has been 1st, 2nd or 3rd 46% of the time.

That said, Melbourne Cup Favourite has never won the cup more than 2 years in a row, even Makybe Diva was only favourite for 2 of her three wins (in both 2004 & 2005).

Betting on the shortest odds might not get you the big windfall that most Melbourne Cup Punters dream of (for example Cup winner Par Lapp was $1.73 in 1973) but an “Exotic Bet” might get you what you’re after. In last years’ Melbourne Cup (2015) one Punter turned a $9 bet into a staggering $125,000 windfall when he did the seemingly impossible: successfully predicting the first four horses past the post in the Melbourne Cup.

The punter wagered just $9.84 on the long shot at odds of more than 12,000-1 to collect more than $125,903. Now that’s a serious pay day!

Prince of Penzance won the 2015 Melbourne Cup as a record outsider with starting odds of $101!

If you’d have backed every single favourite that has ever ran the Melbourne Cup with a $10 win bet, from the beginning of the Cup in 1861… You’d be down -$20

Horse Colours

Bay horses with a black mane and a redish brown coat have won 42% of Melbourne Cups.
From the first ever Melbourne Cup winner “Archer” through to “GreenMoon” in 2012.

Jockeys Silk Colors

Blue, Black then Yellow (or Gold) are the top winning silk colours.

Male Horses are the best bet, mares and fillies have only won the Melbourne Cup 16 times in history.

Overall Australian horses have been the best bet, however, over the past 20 years foreign bred horses have won 80% of the races!

In summary, a overseas born, British brown horse with blue silks and short odds should be a
“sure thing” 🙂 but as we know, there’s never such thing as a sure thing.

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