A Betting Guide for Beginners

Melbourne Cup betting guide

Not everyone comes to the Melbourne Cup a betting expert. There are the punters who know everything that going on, and then there are those who just want a one time flutter on a horse. You won’t feel left out with this betting guide for beginners this Cup day.

Keep up with all the lingo in the betting ring with some betting terms explained below. This will also help you place the right kind of bet so that you can win big!


Melbourne Cup Betting Guide and Terminology



This one is pretty basic. You just want to choose the horse that will finish first in this bet.


If you place this bet and your horse finishes in the top 3, you’ll get a return.


This one is for the undecided. An each-way bet option means you’ll get a return on both the win and the place.


If you’re feeling lucky, you can pick the horses that will finish first and second. It has to be in the correct order to get the money!


This is if you pick the horses that will finish first or second. It can be in any order.


This is for the lucky people out there. Pick the horses that will finish first, second, and third. It’s got to be in the right order!

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