What Type of Racegoer are you?

What type of racegoer are you?

The races attract just about every character each year. Do you know what type of racegoer you are? These are some of the types of people who you’ll find at Flemington Racecourse this Melbourne Cup day.

Find out what type of racegoer you are!

The old-stager

You’ll find this old chap looking find in a checked shirt, a neat pair of slacks, suspenders, and probably a cane. They’ll definitely have a pair of binoculars handy. The old stagers calls the race track home and first set foot here when the gates first opened on day one. There are plenty of stories to listen to from the old stager so stay tuned!

The regular

This guy knows the track. He knows the workers, he knows the way to the toilets, he knows the bookmakers by name. He comes here often. This guy doesn’t care for drunken, once-off racegoers. This guy is serious about the races and demands respect.

The exhibitionist

This type of racegoer varies from one end of the exhibitonist spectrum to the other. You can find this type of person weather a low plunging dress or a bright pasten-coloured suit. Whatever they look like, the exhibitionst will stand out because, after all, they want attention this race day!

The ‘once a year’ racegoer

You can tell the people who aren’t regular racegoers and this guy is one of them. Their slacks are too big or too small and they’ve probably styled it with a tuxedo t-shirt. It’s not that they don’t belong at the races, but they just didn’t get the memo about ironing your outfit before attending.


The professional

Here is someone you don’t want to mess with. They’ve got Fedora on, a shiny pair of binoculars, and a form guide sticking out of their blazer pocket. They know what’s up. They don’t only look the part, but they also understand horse racing. This is the type of racegoer who’s kept up with the trials and knows the horses form. They’re going to win big, or they’re going to be mad if they don’t!

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